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03-21-2018, 02:27 PM
As a hobby builder I got myself into something different.
This Bass'nBari project started a few years ago when I was converting a Parlor Guitar to a UBass. I took off the back to remove the narrow neck and then referencing a 30s Turturro Mando-Uke to convert the back side to a baritone sound board and install 2 necks back to back. (First picture).
107452The tuners got in each others way and the top joint creaked, but the concept worked.
Starting from scratch out of Western Red Cedar and a laminated Birch neck. Came the Purple and Green Monster with a Fender type heads and a flawed top joint that failed. (next 2 pictures)
Finally The wooden piano hinge joint with slot heads and straight friction pegs that work and is strong. 107453107454107455107456