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03-21-2018, 02:34 PM
Here is the rest of the story.The thin necks are off-set 3/8" to give a bit more room between the them.
107457My thumb's back rest against the lower neck and the tip establishes the grip as pictured. It makes it quite easy to roll it over to the other side.
Scales are 20" for the Baritone and 22" for the Bass.
Strings are Magic Fluke Timber Bass by La Bella.
The Baritone strings are a mystery to me as I can't find any reference to them they perform quite nicely.
I used a triple stick on piezo pick up on the Bass side. It is too hot for my taste and will consider something else. They do pick up either side. The Friction pegs are manageable but it takes a strong grip. Im sure a Peghead conversion would be great but costly.