View Full Version : WTB Guilele with 48mm nut, not Yamaha GL-1

Jim Hanks
03-22-2018, 04:02 PM
I know about eBay and Reverb, and Mim is checking some measurements on a couple for me, but if you have something, let me know.

I'm not too interested in the Yamaha GL-1 based on the ones I've seen at Guitar Center.

I'm not interested in the wider neck models like the Islander or Opio since I have a Córdoba Mini with the 50mm neck.

Others I've seen on the Net with the 48mm/1-78" nut width include Kala, Gretch, and the Mini CE.

Scale length can be tenor or baritone, i.e. 17"-20".

Whatcha got?

Jim Hanks
03-24-2018, 07:41 AM
I'm gonna close this down for the time being. I made a trip to Guitar Center this morning and learned some more. First, the GL-1 they had wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered. This one had a pretty decent setup, smooth frets, no buzzes. I almost walked out with it. Spending a few minutes with it, I think my earlier impression of "too cramped" was more a reflection of the tenor fret spacing than the string spacing. In fact there was full scale guitar with 1.75" nut that felt just fine as far as string spacing.

With that knowledge I'm gonna revisit some of the other options I had rejected as "too narrow".