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03-30-2018, 03:47 AM
Hey I was wondering if anyone else had this issue with the little triangular piece that sits in the soundhole? It fits fine and works fine in my Tiny Tenor but in the soprano is all slidey and moves around a lot. Is it ok to wedge some soft felt or something else in there to prevent movement, leave as is, tape it down with lo tack masking tape or just avoid use? The guide book that comes with the device doesn't address this problem.

03-30-2018, 04:08 AM
I have one and just like you the fit depends on the top thickness of each individual instrument. I have added electrical tape to the backside of the V wedge that goes on the inside of the sound board. I used a couple thicknesses to accommodate my thinnest top and it fits the others just fine

03-30-2018, 07:17 AM
I have used poster putty. Works well.

03-30-2018, 02:26 PM
thanks! I just wanted to make sure i am not damaging anything or causing poor sound in some way. I have both electrical tape and putty so i will try those.

03-30-2018, 03:17 PM
I have used a piece of felt or craft foam or cardboard or a stray guitar pick or a cut piece of toilet-paper roll core or also poster putty aka 'FUNTAK' if/when needed.

I have not seen any damage nor residue from said FUNTAK, but some may be left behind, which you can remove by using the wad of FUNTAK itself to stick it on and pull it off repeatedly. Sometime there is a dull sheen left behind, but this wipes off simply with a dry paper towel.

I would not use tape, even 'Gaffer's Tape' as it's adhesive may interact with the finish of your instrument, despite being relatively low-tack and easy to remove.

Having said the above, if you use any of these methods, you assume all risk and I am indemnified of blame if anything bad happens. :)

03-31-2018, 12:18 AM
Craft foam? I know i have that somewhere. Of these items was there a preferred way of wedging or sticking? I was using the tape on the inside of the soundhole which doesnt look like it has a finish.

Thanks Booli! :p *watches helplessly as ukulele combusts from following online advice*

03-31-2018, 01:12 AM
... Of these items was there a preferred way of wedging or sticking? ...

The cardboard core of a toilet paper roll or paper tower roll is usually something everyone has when the roll is finished (and then it is basically zero-cost instead of buying something), and if you split the roll (just cut a straight line right thru it) and lay it flat, you can then take the iRig Acoustic's mic element and trace it on the cardboard, and make a few since one or more will inevitably get lost...

Then after you trace them, cut them out, and keep them in the netting of the case for the unit for future use...

For me, the natural curve that remains in the cardboard is a plus because it provides a bit of tension under the mic head, yes UNDER the mic head, on the OUTSIDE of the soundboard, and this tension should prevent it (the cardboard) from falling off without adhesives...

one piece not enough? since you cut many, you can stack them if needed...

lost them all some time in the future? 5-10 mins and you have a dozen more...repeating the above method

easy peasy, right? :)

recycle & re-use, otherwise you are just throwing it all away...