View Full Version : Oscar Schmidt Tenor - Spalted Mango - $120

04-06-2018, 03:42 AM
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I traded my Oscar soprano to someone who wanted a smaller uke, so I am going to keep this tenor - my only spalted mango.

I love the looks of this tenor, with its beautiful spalted mango wood. It is well-made and sounds beautiful. If you know Oscar Schmidt, you know they build good ukes. I liked this one so much that I got a similar soprano for ease of traveling. Now I realize I don't need two almost identical ukuleles. I want to get my ukulele count down below thirty, so I am trying to find ones I can part with.

Pay the $120, plus $15 shipping, with PayPal, and I'll make up the difference in the shipping cost and get it right out to you.

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