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04-08-2018, 02:13 PM
For Sale: A Kala KA-SSTU-T. I bought this as my third ukulele in 2016. If you donít know the Kala Travel Ukuleles, they are extremely thin and loud ukuleles with a solid spruce top. There is a big nick on the front right lower bout of the sound board, which doesnít go through the instrument or change its sound. I circled it in a picture. I also added strap buttons to this ukulele, as I do with most of my ukuleles. It is currently sporting Martin 620 strings. And yes, it comes with its original Kala case. Weíre a non-smoking home with no pets (unless you count boys as petsóbut they leave my ukuleles alone).

Iím working on some other ukuleles, and since I bought the Outdoor Ukulele, this one just hasnít been played much. It deserves a home where it will be played. If you know a beginner, this would be a GREAT ukulele for a long time. No buzzing. Plays great. The only issue is the nick on the front (1/2Ē long and 1/4Ē in the center of the nick). I donít know how it got there...it may have had it when it was newóI was so new to ukulele that I didnít even look for issues at that time.

Price: $150 which factors in PayPal charges and shipping in the US. I will insure for the cost of a new model ($239 on Amazon). I will ship it in an Eyna Ukulele Box (in its case, padded in the box, and then in another box) the next day after payment via USPS.


04-10-2018, 07:05 AM
These are great little music companions. I call it my stealth ukulele. I might sneak it into a bag if I'm going to a party, it doesn't scream "I'm an instrument" and scare people into thinking there's going to be a Kumbaya commitment. But if an opportunity to play and sing comes up I have it. It's also a great conversation piece. It's amazing the amount of sound and tone that it projects. Can hold its own next to a guitar or two. I like it much better than the tone of a plastic ukulele. This one has the tunefulness of wood, and it's a solid top to a solid player. And of course Chris is a great guy to do business with. Somebody needs this in their collection. Also makes a great gift.