View Full Version : My chance at 'fame' and I'm 'bottling'...

04-12-2018, 11:49 PM
Haha. To 'bottle'...an old East End of London expression meaning 'to be too scared to do something'.

I'm off to see a guy called Dean Friedman of "Well, well said the rocking chair' fame next week.

He's invited people to sing and play one of his songs, post it on YouTube and send him the link and which venue they'll be seeing him at.

He'll apparently watch them all and invite the singer of the one he likes best to get up on stage with him on the night and sing it with him.

Think I'll pass. I'd hate to ruin everyone's evening. 😂😂

A great idea to get fans involved though I feel.
Has anyone here ever responded to a similar thing and how did it go?

Luv n stuff, Dave