View Full Version : If I do something that brave again, someone please stop me!

04-13-2018, 12:14 AM
I was just out busking with my ukulele this evening at a local shops. First a lady tied up a old Jack Russell Terrier near where i was busking. Nothing unusual. A short time later a guy comes along with a Staffordshire/bull terrier and a bluey. The Staffordshire takes interest in the Jack Russell but its owner pulls it away and ties them up a bit closer to me. Nothing unusual.

The Staffy was being placid enough so nothing unusual. I'm busking away but 5 minutes later the Staffy/Bull cross gets loose and attacks the Jack Russell.

All Hell breaking loose. The owner of the Jack Russell was there and has her dog by the lead and a young guy grabs the Staffy cross's lead and drags the Staffy but the lady lets go and the Jack Russell is being dragged as well. Without really thinking about it I jump in and grab the Staffy by its collar and lift it off the ground and thankfully it lets go of the Jack Russell. I haul the Staffy off and sit it down.

Thankfully it didn't attack me and just sat there placidly enough and pleased with itself.

Also thankfully there was a Veterinary surgery 20m away from where we were and the Jack Russell was OK. The owners of the Staffy come back, refuse to offer any details and scarper with their Dogs.

I didn't think about it. I just jumped in. If I do it again would someone please stop me.

04-13-2018, 12:26 AM
I won't stop you, but I might help. Well done!

04-13-2018, 12:39 AM
I won't stop you, but I might help. Well done!

Thanks. I'm not worried about Staffordshire terriers. The concern is if it had Pit Bull in it.

Jim Hanks
04-13-2018, 01:35 AM
Bring pepper spray next time? :p

04-13-2018, 01:59 AM
Good man. Well done sir.

04-13-2018, 02:33 AM
Good on you for preventing blood from being shed.

Dog fights can get ugly real fast.

At least the pups did not pee in, on or near your uke case or other musical gear.

That would have been a nasty payback for being a good Samaritan.

04-13-2018, 02:42 AM
I say good on you! Especially in this day in age where people would rather take out their smartphones and record for the next viral video than take action!

04-13-2018, 03:04 AM
Irresponsible dog owners really bug me.

04-13-2018, 03:09 AM
Good for you, but people are idiots.

04-13-2018, 03:23 AM
Irresponsible dog owners really bug me.

True that... There's owners in my area who fake picking up the dog poo. Or just run away as fast as possible before anybody sees them. That really irritates me.

Uke Don
04-13-2018, 04:35 AM
Good for you for stepping in. If you ever have to do it again, grab the dog by the rear haunches instead of the collar so you keep the sharp part away from you! You can then swing the dog away if it tries to bite you.

04-13-2018, 05:09 AM
I won't stop you, but I might help. Well done!

:agree: Well done! :shaka: Without your help the Jack Russel might be dead...

04-13-2018, 07:24 AM
So... did you get a tip?


04-13-2018, 12:46 PM
Thanks all. I went for the collar to strangle it a little to be honest. And it was a good hand hold to pick it off the ground with. Thankfully It went placid as soon as I grabbed it. I eventually got a tip from the lady butI didn't care. I think she was in such shell shock that sh wasn't sure what had happened.