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04-14-2018, 04:40 AM
I want to string my baritone ukulele with classical strings as follows. Please tell me if this works and or if it will hurt my ukulele in any way.

Tuning my ukulele to D G B E using classical strings 5 4 3 2 or strings A D G B.

Or tuning my ukulele to D G B E using classical strings 4 3 2 1, strings D G B E .

Thank you.

Jim Hanks
04-14-2018, 04:48 AM
the first - the second will be way too floppy. You may need to experiment with different string tensions to find the tension/tuning you like. Change the strings one at a time so you can compare with the strings that are on it. Don't go too tight or you could indeed hurt the uke. If you can't comfortably get up to 'D' for example with the 5 string, then you may need a lower tension set. Or vice versa, if 'D' with the 5 string is too floppy, you need a higher tension set.

04-14-2018, 04:54 AM
Edit: I re-read your post and realised you are referring to Baritone ukuleles.

In that case, ADGB strings from a classical guitar set are perfect for tuning to DGBE on a baritone uke.
The DGBE strings from a classical guitar set can be used to tune to GCEA (low-G) on a baritone uke.

The tensions such strings would put on your baritone ukulele is no different to baritone ukulele sets.
In fact, I prefer using classical guitar sets, as you get a wider selection.
I particularly like D'addario Pro-Arte and Thomastik-N (flatwound) classical guitar sets on ukuleles.

04-14-2018, 06:48 AM
So for D'addario strings should I get low tension light strings or another. I worry because I have to wind the A string up to D and the D string up to G and so on. I worry about tension and tearing up my ukulele.

04-14-2018, 01:13 PM
If you are tuning to GCEA (low G) I would get the low tension set (4, 3, 2, 1 strings)

If tuning to DGBE (using 5, 4, 3, 2 strings), normal tension works just fine. Shorter scale of ukulele accomodates for the higher tuning in this case