View Full Version : your experience with K&K Big Spot pickup?

04-14-2018, 07:38 AM
I'm considering having a K&K Big Spot put into a $200, solid cedar top ukulele (Cordoba 24T) and am wondering what to expect.

I'm not willing to spend more for this; I have or have had Baggs and MiSi pickups, and realize that they are better (and are active ones). It will be either the Big Spot or nothing, unless someone can recommend something (at that price or lower) that I could have a repair guy put in.

I would be plugging in to my own Bose L1 Compact or Bose S1 -- usually via an Allen & Heath ZED mixer, and maybe into my Fishman Loudbox Mini, as well as whatever is at the occasional open mic. I have a Baggs Para D.I. that I could use if needed to influence things.

My main concern is the overall sound, and whether I'd be better off just mic-ing the uke. Thanks.