View Full Version : Poss Trade: Mint Mya Moe tenor for Collings - UK

Pete F
04-19-2018, 02:38 AM
Testing the water here: mint Mya Moe Koa tenor with bloodwood bindings, pegheads; made for me with a one piece top and no strap buttons/end pin - custom head plate. Considering trade for similar condition Collings, tenor ideally (not spruce) or maybe an interesting concert (not koa).

I'm based in the UK, and I've no idea how logistics would or could work out, so ideally to make it happen - possibly UK based trade?

Consider a Hive if anyone has one over here - cash either way.

I'm not interested in selling outright at this stage, so please I appreciate your interest but a sale is not on offer at the moment. I'll list it separately if I get to this stage.

I love the tone of this instrument (dry and woody on the single note, sparkly on the strum) I just prefer the neck shape/fretboard of the Collings. It'll be with a heavy heart if I do part with it.

Build number supplied should a suitable match arise.