View Full Version : Bargain? Ashton UKE280MH Tenor on sale

04-30-2018, 02:25 AM
Hi Guys,

Been playing for a couple of months now and already have 7 Ukes! Think i may have acquired UAS a bit early on.

Anyway too my point, I know Ashtons in general seem to have some fans and haters, I saw Baz's review of the soprano that looked pretty naff and was covered in a nasty brown paint.

It would seem Gear4music are having a clear out and the Mahogany UKE280MH is currently on sale for 18.99. (just under 25 quid with next day postage added on)

Im not expecting a dream from this but all my others are concert or soprano and wanted to have a go on a tenor and this one is still priced up between 89 and 99 at all the other retailers i can find?

It looks ok and thankfully is wood stained not painted so will wait and see how the action and fretwork looks tomorrow :)

Still a couple left in stock at the time of writing if anyone else fancies a bash on one - https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Ashton-UKE280-Tenor-Ukulele-Mahogany/17V1

Will let you know when ive given it a once over :)


Croaky Keith
04-30-2018, 05:09 AM
At least it'll let you know if you like the size. ;)

Guessing it's an all laminate, nowt wrong with that, hope you enjoy it. :)

04-30-2018, 10:12 AM
Ahh all sold out now and site showing full price of 79.99 again!

There were two left after I ordered, anyone else get one? be nice if it was a member then we can compare opinion when they arrive :)

04-30-2018, 07:15 PM
It wasn't a bad price for a tenor, but nothing spectacular.
Almost definitely would need setting up anyway :)

05-01-2018, 12:40 AM
Well we have touchdown!

First impressions are really rather good, Sounds very resonant, no marks or sharp fretwork, Inside is very clean with no slop,even the action seems good :)

Croaky Keith
05-01-2018, 03:05 AM
Congrats - enjoy. :)