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05-04-2018, 09:21 AM
Hi troops,
As some of you know I’m only just trying to learn to play a bit of uke after fiddling with guitar on and off since I was a kid.

I have a couple as you will see from my signature below, and have just treated myself to this - a Cordoba 22T-CE Tenor Cutaway Electro Acoustic - bought for a REALLY good price.

I understand from some of you that Cordoba ukes can be a bit hit and miss, but I seem to have stuck lucky with this one, with all it’s action and intonation seeming to be pretty good; well, good enough for MY limited ability to play it anyway.

I’m also finding I’m having to downtune by a half stop in order to suit my vocal range. Is this likely to affect the instrument’s performance??

I’ll try to post a video of me playing it in the next few days or so.


05-04-2018, 12:13 PM
Thanks for the input and comments peeps. I'm loving it at the mo and the case IS quite special.

Jim Hanks
05-04-2018, 02:45 PM
Congrats! B tuning won't affect the uke's performance. I like Bb on my tenors.

05-04-2018, 03:06 PM
Thanks Jim.