View Full Version : My new buffing station

05-05-2018, 11:41 AM
After switching to a polyurethane clear for my instruments I had to change to a more industrial method to buff, as the finish is so much harder than laquer and taking way too long to get a result I was happy with. Here's a bit of a demo from yesterday.


05-05-2018, 02:55 PM
Nice buffing setup Allen.

I have often wondered just how the high gloss finish was achieved on uke's, for some reason I thought it was straight off the gun, guess I should have known better.

I use an 8 inch cloth buff with stainless buffing compound to final polish when sharpening knives, (saddlery) brings gives an excellent cutting edge and of course the blades have a mirror finish.

Always of interest to see how people, go about things.:)

05-05-2018, 04:58 PM
The finish off the gun is high gloss, but any spec of dust looks like a bolder if it isn't flattened. As well any other imperfections like shrink back on purflings and rosettes or orange peel can look unsightly. The only way to get that mirror like shine is to do the hard yards

05-06-2018, 12:40 PM
Very nice setup, Allen. Great shine too. I would be so afraid I'd bounce one off the floor though.