View Full Version : Reno 2018

05-07-2018, 07:29 AM
The Reno Festival was great. Nice venue, great vendors and SUPER performers and teachers. The Peppermill was so much better than the dirty smoke filled Nugget. A big kudos to Doug and his family.

05-11-2018, 12:38 PM
This was my first time at the Reno Festival.

I enjoyed it immensely. The workshops were instructive and fun (Victoria Vox showed us how she does mouth trumpeting), the final concert was fantastic. My personal high was that I played a Jim Beloff song, "Where Did the Summer Go?", with Jim Beloff. He told me that song was one of his most challenging songs and had never heard of a uke club playing it. He even helped me to fill in some chords on our club's song sheet that I was missing.

I had planned to hold one after-hours Beatle jam, but ended up holding two due to popular demand. The first one attracted more than 40 players, and the second one had more than 50. Unfortunately, there weren't enough chairs for everyone so a lot of folks spent three hours standing. Not being familiar with jamming at this festival, I also only made 10 binders of our club's 75(!) Beatle song sheets so folks were looking over each other's shoulders to see the music. I'll print out more next time, or better yet, having a room with lots of chairs and access to a digital projector and screen would be ideal.

Doug and his family are to be thanked for all their work and congratulated for putting on a quality festival.

Addendum: I also found out Blackbird is no longer making the carbon fibre BTU. If anyone owns one, they have a collectors item!