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John ByTheSea
06-12-2018, 06:39 AM
I think a lot of us who come to the forum go first to the Marketplace. It would be nice to have a link to it at the top of the forum page, next to "New Posts":
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06-13-2018, 05:48 AM

Inksplosive AL
06-13-2018, 05:13 PM
I think the moderators need to moderate the MP forum a bit its quite chatty in there otherwise its simple enough to scroll down to the correct forum or simply bookmark the marketplace if that is the page you go to most. The forums can open right there for you!

06-14-2018, 05:05 AM
Some UU members lack the understanding of what bookmarks are or how to use them, or maybe they want the forum to be more customized so they dont have to use bookmarks.

If after you log in, and hit the WHATS NEW at the far left you will see threads that have new posts as well as new threads, and anything that shows in that list, shows the forum SECTION on the right and you can then just click on MARKETPLACE.

So maybe it is 2 clicks away with minimal scrolling.

I would like the computer to do my laundry and clean the toilets too, but we cannot always have everything done for us and must do it manually, oh such labor involved...LOL