View Full Version : Handmade Blue Frog Pineapple Sopranino #5 - Solid Maple and Sitka Spruce

Diogenes Blue
06-12-2018, 10:55 AM
This is a 12 inch scale pineapple sopranino of my own design. It's a little larger than the usual 11" scale sopranino and it sounds great with GCEA tuning. It's a lot louder than one would expect from a sopranino, guaranteed. I'll be making more. This is #5 of a batch of six. I might have been a little overoptimistic trying my first sunburst along with my first hand rubbed finish. It has finish flaws, this particular uke has so many finish flaws it'll drive you crazy trying to count them all. The price reflects this. ---But it still has lots of mojo.

Bolted neck joint.
Solid maple back, sides, neck. Rustic maple harvested locally, with gray, pink, tan, mineral stains and an occasional hint of a pin knot. It has a light fiddleback figure.
12' radius domed back.
Solid sitka spruce top.
Locally harvested black walnut binding and headstock veneer.
Honduras rosewood bridge and fretboard bound in black walnut.
White fret markers and side dots.
Ebony nut and saddle with intonation set. Nut width = 1 3/8"
Martin strings.
Grover Champion Tuners
Hand rubbed oil finish over shellac over sunburst over shellac lol.
SOLD! Thank you!
The uke is very handmade and I left tooling marks in to keep with the rustic feel.

$185.00 includes shipping in the continental U.S.


Thanks for looking.

Diogenes Blue
06-13-2018, 01:38 AM
Price reduced. $185.00 includes shipping within the continental US!

06-13-2018, 06:34 AM
What a great opportunity to own a hand-crafted luthier made ukulele and it's sunburst! I have a Blue Frog soprano and it is my favorite ukulele in the bunch. I play it everyday. It has a sweet harp like tone, it's gorgeous, and it's made with Vic's loving devotion to the craft.

I know many people here debate the possibility of purchasing an Ohana versus a Kala versus another Chinese brand recommended by so-and-so. Then they keep looking for more. I took a chance and bought a Blue Frog ukulele from Vic right here on the Forum. I stopped flirting with Sopranos after that. Though I am sorely tempted right now to add this little one, but I am on a ukulele diet. Someone needs to jump on this. Glad to see Vic is back in the shop. He's a master Craftsman.

06-13-2018, 07:53 AM
Very good post, rubykey!! If this were a soprano, I would have grabbed this one at the starting price! It surely looks lovely!!

06-13-2018, 09:34 AM
Or if it were a longneck soprano.