View Full Version : Happy Fathers Day

06-17-2018, 02:46 AM
Hope all the dads have a great day. I was up early this morning and played a few ukes quietly, LfdM, I'iwi and Kamaka, while my wife slept.

Mornings are my favorite part of the day. Our kitchen faces east and I love to watch the sun rise while I sip my morning coffee and noodle around on a uke or two.

So what are your plans for today. I will go for a bike ride shortly then my sons will come over for the day and we will BBQ a flank steak. Enjoy yourselves whatever you do...........you deserve it :cool:


06-17-2018, 03:32 AM
Sadly, my dad passed away 12 years ago. If he were here, he's get a kick out of my ukulele playing.

I will play my uke at church in the worship band, then attend a Father's Day picnic with my mom & our friends. I'll bring my uke along for the picnic.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there......share the ukulele love with your families today!

06-17-2018, 03:37 AM
HoneDepot and Lowe for my husband :mad:

Uke Don
06-17-2018, 03:46 AM
Nothing special today. Walk the dog as usual, play some uke. We celebrated Friday with my wife's mom and dad (now in their 80's). Nice lunch and an afternoon hike on the coast.

06-17-2018, 04:59 AM
Happy Father's day to all the fathers here. I'm heading over to my in-laws for lunch in an hour or so. My daughter and her husband are coming up and then they want to go to the movies tonight, so we'll take my granddaughter home and she is going to spend the night. Her dad will pick her up tomorrow after work. She's my greatest fan, so we'll go out on the deck this evening and sing songs. That will be my Father's day.


06-17-2018, 05:13 AM
Happy Father’s Day all you UU dads! My family is in Italy, awaiting my arrival tomorrow. I will join them for a three week vacation, soaking up northern Italy and a week in Sardinia. So for now, it’s me and the dog, and some laid back uke playing. Ciao.

06-17-2018, 05:47 AM
Happy Fathers Day everyone! I got up early, changed strings on my Tiny Tenor. Ripped off a few quick songs while my wife and two boys sleeps. Driving one to work shortly, them likely grab a decaf americano out and visit with rest of my family when they wake up, Plenty more Uke playing before they get up! We have some shift worker in my house. Weather is great here and like DUD, I love the early morning for playing Uke. Have a good one All!

Swamp Yankee
06-17-2018, 12:35 PM
happy father's day!

My wife and I enjoyed a pleasant day at home, working for a few hours, playing a few tunes on my ukes... then for dinner, a heaping bowl of Pho Ga with a stock that I made last night. Loaded with chicken meat and rice noodles and smothered with fresh cilantro and Thai basil.... best pho in town!

Now I'm sulking because I missed a uke in the marketplace :/

06-17-2018, 03:31 PM
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. I got up this morning at my Son’s house in Tennessee, enjoyed breakfast with my wife, son, his wife and our three Grandkids. Then a drive back home to Florida. Arrived about an hour ago. Fixed Dinner now I am relaxing on the couch with my IPAD catching up on UU. Great day really.