View Full Version : Kanile'a K1 concert uke vs Koaloha KCM-00 concert uke, which do you prefer and why

06-23-2018, 08:24 AM
I am very interested in getting either a concert Kanile'a or Koaloha and would like comments from people that have owned them regarding sound, action, neck width, play ability, etc. The first time I heard a Kanile'a on You Tube I was blown away by the warmth, harmonics and bell like sounds. But after I heard the Koaloha I am having a hard time deciding. Which one do you think sounds warmer or richer?

06-23-2018, 09:21 AM
I have the KoAloha concert. The nut width is 1.5", and I believe the Kanile'a is the same. The neck is slender (front to back), and the overall build is very light. I consider the tone bright and woody. It can be played loud.

I haven't owned a Kanile'a, but the ones I've heard sound warmer.

As to which is richer, they have different sounds. Appearance is very different, too. Get the one you prefer.

06-23-2018, 10:44 AM
I like both very much, but prefer the Kanilea. Their concert size is fantastic, with a bell-like tone, they usually have nicer Koa, a nicer gloss finish, and I prefer their smooth geared tuners over the friction tuners of KoAloha. The fretboard on the Kanilea is a bit wider.

06-23-2018, 04:11 PM
They are both spectacular. I was told both have 12 coats of gloss, but Koaloha takes more off during the finish process, which makes them lighter and Kanilea more glossy. Koalohas seem louder to me. They both have special bracing. Koaloha adds and extra inch to the neck above the nut to keep the head and tuners out of the way of your hands when playing. I appreciate that. But otherwise they are both wonderful and my best advice would be to play both before buying one. :)

06-23-2018, 05:50 PM
I have both in concert. Kanaile'a is warmer and glossier, also feels bigger in size, definitely has a thicker body, hence warme and deeper tone. KoAloha is louder and brighter. Even the KoAloha long neck Soprano seems louder than the Kanile'a concert, using he same strings. They all sound great to me, just different. You can't go wrong with either. It is just a matter of individual preference.

06-24-2018, 03:14 AM
Thank you to everyone replying to this thread. Unfortunately, I cannot get my hands on either to try around here in Mass. so I will have to take a chance when I decide. Please keep the opinions coming.

06-24-2018, 03:49 AM
I was in your position a year ago. I had listened to a lot of sound samples of both. Luckily for me, a friend had both of them in concert size that he was looking to sell, so I got to play them both. It was a tough choice & I sat in his kitchen for over an hour playing them back to back. In the end, I chose the KoAloha. I liked the bright, crisp, loud sound it produced. Kanilea has a 1 1/2 inch nut, KoAloha has a 1 7/16 nut. Both are a little more comfortable for me to play versus 1 3/8. Both are excellent ukuleles.