View Full Version : "Choridfy clean" playlists?

07-03-2018, 01:48 PM
One of our club members has suggested using Chordify to lead uke jams, in particular because he struggles with reading traditional sheet music after having a stroke. Chordify has a feature that scrolls through bars and displays exactly the chord to strum when it's needed.

I like this as an adaptive technology but one barrier is that he has to sift through a bunch of material to find songs that work in a straightforward manner with Chordify, or else he has to edit them one by one.

I'm not very familiar yet with the technology, but wondering if anyone has compiled or shared any "Chordify clean" playlists that would work immediately without tweaking or editing. Also wondering if it has the ability to share playlists.

Also wondering if there are other adaptive technologies out there that might facilitate playing in a similar way.