View Full Version : Vintage Washburn Sopranos & Neck Set

07-11-2018, 12:48 PM
Here are my two vintage Washburns. One is a UE soprano, the other a model 5317 - both mahogany sopranos, and both in very fine un-modified shape. Although the necks of both are fairly straight, both would benefit from a bit more rake in the neck set, at least to make the action as comfortable up the neck as the Martins that I've known and owned.



My question is whether L&H was just more conservative, or even sloppy in their neck sets? ALL those I've seen have been solidly glued, but with higher action up the neck than I would expect on an instrument that was made to such a high quality overall.

I've never had a neck reset on a uke, although I have on vintage guitars, and I'd expect to pay at least a couple of hundred dollars to have it done in the NYC area by a good luthier. On the other hand, I can get plenty done in first position...

I'm interested in the experiences of others. And curious about the neck attachment on these instruments since I've never steamed one apart.

07-11-2018, 03:07 PM
Try contacting Jake Wildwood https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com He seems to have lots of experience with countless older instruments. He also seems to do nice work at reasonable prices.

07-12-2018, 07:26 AM
Good idea contacting Jake. I remember that he's dealt with at least one Washburn soprano by shaving the bridge. I gather that neck resets are much rarer in the Uke world than in the guitar world - less often required due to low string tension - and less often performed when they ARE needed because the economics only work out on the more valuable instruments.