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07-18-2018, 09:27 PM
Axminster 16" SBW4300B .... It's finally arrived...Took me 2 hours to assemble it and set it it up ...But the hardest part was getting it out of the crate and manouvering it into the workshop co's it weighs 146 kg (322 LBS) :(...It is a really fine machine and it can be set up very accurately..all the main working parts are made of cast iron and steel..no nylon or plastic parts...After set up I gave it a test and cut a pair of sides at 2.5 mm easily..the only thing I could fault it on were the blade guide bearings, They are the metal shielded type and dust can get into them and clog up.. I prefer the rubber sealed type and I will most likely change them at a later date...I think this will be the last bandsaw I ever buy ;)

07-18-2018, 11:12 PM
Looks like a nice saw. You can learn a lot about a builder by looking at a picture of his shop. Is that an automatic assault rifle to the right of saw?

07-19-2018, 01:13 AM
Looks like a hell of a saw Ken. Itís nice having quality tools that you arenít compromising something every time you use them.

Plus it looks like it came packaged with lots of uke wood!

Palette uke thread time!!!


07-19-2018, 08:32 AM
Congratulations on one fine piece of machinery Tim. I believe you are correct, you should not have to ever purchase another bandsaw. Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts of materials that have been gone through this saw.



07-20-2018, 05:22 AM
Suppose you had now better get on and fill those 50 boxes you just bought!

07-20-2018, 05:53 AM
Suppose you had now better get on and fill those 50 boxes you just bought!

I might end up in a box before they get filled Howard :uhoh:

07-24-2018, 03:49 AM
You'll be lying there thinking how many necks, front and back sets and sides can I get out of this coffin! :)