View Full Version : West End of Town is Fallin' Down

08-11-2018, 12:14 PM
For a little back story:
My home overlooks the Ohio River, and beyond my home and further up the hillside, is another street of houses. Over the years for various reasons, erosion, earthquake, and time, many of the houses have fell into disrepair and some have simply disappeared into the Earth. The only thing left standing for some of these are just steps to nowhere and retainer walls that have tumbled down. Having spent the last month doing home repairs to replace floors and several of my neighbors have also been involved with the same, makes me wonder if I’m the next to have my steps lead to nowhere.


Bill Sheehan
08-16-2018, 05:16 AM
Very nice job, Nelson! Enjoyed it, and hoping that things are somewhat stable for the time being! Lovin' that Strawberry Blonde amp you have there too!