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SA Condor
08-15-2018, 05:15 AM
Hello all, I made my trek to the USA this past July and picked up my Ukulele’s. I went from 0 to 3 very fast! My first Uke was a laminate Romero Creations XS Soprano, then I commissioned a Super Concert from Fred Shields, and then got a Mahogany Kala Baritone! All wonderful instruments and each have a purpose. After 20 years of playing guitar, jumping down to the XS Soprano was quite the change. But after 5 or 6 weeks of playing the 3 Ukuleles, when I finally returned home to South America and picked up my guitar, it felt freakishly huge!

I must say, I have fallen in love with these instruments. The XS is my take everywhere Uke and put the girls to bed with a song Uke. My Fred Shields is my favorite and the one that I play the most and practice on the most. The Baritone has been going to church with me in place of my guitar.



I also picked up a couple Sopranos from Mim for my two oldest daughters, a Kala pineapple and a Ohana.



SA Condor
08-15-2018, 05:15 AM
Fred was awesome to communicate with. I found my soundboard and selected the other details of my Uke.

Fred Shields Ukulele

Wide body Concert with 17” Tenor scale, “Super Concert”
1.5” nut
12” radiused fret board
Grover open tuners
Walnut back and sides with reclaimed Curly Redwood for the soundboard
Mahogany neck
Jarrah fretboard
Bubinga faceplate
Maple Binding





SA Condor
08-15-2018, 05:31 AM
I find it to be a pretty Uke with wonderful tone





SA Condor
08-15-2018, 05:40 AM
And a few pics from the build process that Fred sent to me





08-15-2018, 08:05 AM
Wow.....congratulations. I love how the number of ukes kept growing with each picture. You are going to need a bigger couch if you buy anymore. Those should keep you and your daughters very happy for quite a while. Isn't baritone a fun departure from both uke and guitar, best of both worlds.

I have a FS pineapple super soprano in all walut that I received about one month ago. I remember Fred telling me he was building a walnut body with redwood top, yours might have been done at the same time. Interesting thing was I thought of going with a redwood top and maple binding as well. I have that combo in a Kimo super concert and love the sound but wanted to try something different.

Enjoy all your new ukes. Here is a pic of my FS walnut pineapple.


08-15-2018, 08:46 AM
Congratulations, that’s a nice collection. That Fred Shields Super Concert is a real beauty.

08-15-2018, 12:14 PM
Your FS super concert looks great! I am a happy owner of 2 FS Ukuleles. Welcome to the Fred Shields Family!

Joyful Uke
08-15-2018, 12:22 PM
Wow, that was a productive trip to the US. :-)
Enjoy all the ukuleles!

08-15-2018, 12:43 PM
What a wonderful uke family! I love Fred’s ukes, and yours is beautiful.

08-15-2018, 02:02 PM
Wow, nice collection and awesome photos! I love my Kala all-solid Mahogany Baritone uke. It has the most warm and mellow sound imaginable! :cool:

08-16-2018, 01:30 AM
Beautiful assortment

08-16-2018, 10:53 PM
Congratulations, Condor! Looks like you made some fine choices. Enjoy them all!

08-19-2018, 07:26 AM
I was recently in Hawaii and picked up a Romero Tiny Tenor for my granddaughter. She loves it and is really learning to play quickly (she’s ten). It sounds wonderful with fluorocarbon strings in low g.

08-19-2018, 08:03 AM
All lovely and a great assortment. Did you carry them all on the plane ride back home? Or have them shipped to Bolivia? I imagine getting them shipped to you in Bolivia is difficult/very expensive from a normal seller like MIM or HMS