View Full Version : Outdoor Ukulele tenor moonshine (white)

08-22-2018, 05:10 PM
I am selling this Outdoor Ukulele Tenor in moonshine (white/clear). It has dual strap buttons. No other upgrades. Strung reentrant gcea with Aquila Lava strings.

Will ship in the same box that it came from Outdoor Ukulele in (they seemingly do not pay these but they always mail fine). These things are solidly built and sturdy. Low action. Selling to fund possibly a banjo/ pay some bills.

PayPal/ Shipped $115 / CONUS only.

Link to photos:


08-22-2018, 07:41 PM
I’m interested.

What’s the intonation like on this guy? Hard to tell on my phone, gold hardware?

08-23-2018, 04:30 AM
Intonation good. Yes, their standard gold hardware and black buttons. Good travel Uke. Thicker neck. Volume is a little low but to be expected since it’s basically plastic. Less than six months old

08-24-2018, 09:05 AM
Do you accept Paypal? Open to an offer? Thanks. Mary

08-24-2018, 01:13 PM
Hi. I tried to PM you early this afternoon and perhaps I can't do that as a "newbie". I don't see my message sent in my outbox. I would like to purchase this. I would prefer PayPal if you accept that. Thank you. Mary from WI

08-24-2018, 04:36 PM
Sale pending ...

08-24-2018, 05:33 PM
Please let me know all is ok regarding payment and my address. For some reason, I cannot see my "sent" messages. Thank you.

08-24-2018, 07:31 PM
Correct, the email system here does not show 'sent messages' automatically unless you opt to save them. Sale confirmed; will ship shortly. Closing this thread. Thanks!