View Full Version : Question about resonator uke construction

05-16-2009, 04:07 AM
Hello to all. I am new to this forum, and a great one it is, and to ukuleles. Up until a few weeks ago I had only played acoustic guitars, resonator guitars, mandolin, and some fiddle. However, I bought a ukulele and am enjoying it more than I would have ever thought. I am going to build myself a resonator tenor uke and I have everything coming as far as parts. I am familiar with setting up and reworking resonator guitars,since my Dean required a lot of work to get it sounding good, but I have one question for anyone who has either built a resonator uke, or who through their own experience may be able to help me.
My question is this...when constructing the soundwell for the cone how high should the upper level -not the saddle-of the biscuit be in relationship to the soundboard? I examined my resonator guitar and the top of the biscuit is somewhat, not a precise term I know, higher than the top of the instrument. My first instinct was to have the biscuit top sit maybe an eight to a quarter inch above the soundboard but I am not sure. Any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Terry.