View Full Version : Will trade an all-solid koa concert for a 6 string guitalele

09-07-2018, 07:19 AM
Sometimes we end up going to the dark side. I am developing more of an interest in guitars. I have one uke that is my absolute #1 favorite out of 12 or more that I have ever owned. Its a Gretsch Concert in all-solid koa, set up low G. I purchased it for $399. I love this instrument but would rather have it played instead of just decorating my wall while I learn how to play guitar.

I would like to trade straight across...my solid koa concert ukulele for a 6 string guitalele. My koa concert comes with a nice very padded gig bag from gator cases.

PM me if you are interested in a trade. Hoping for a solid top guitalele.