View Full Version : Install of a rosette - video walkthrough

09-10-2018, 12:16 PM
In an effort to provide more interest to my audience on Facebook and Youtube I'm teaching myself Final Cut Pro to document some of the things I do in building an instrument. This is my first attempt.

Link to YouTube. https://youtu.be/osqlk8GS5qE (https://youtu.be/osqlk8GS5qE)


Pete Howlett
09-10-2018, 12:34 PM
Well done Allen. When I stopped creating content for YouTube and moved to live-streaming using a Mevo camera system it freed up all that editing time I used to spend in the evenings... The videos are pretty rough but they are authentic. I also found that photo-montages didn't work for me. My audience wants me to demonstrate however clunky it looks.