View Full Version : Reunion Blues Continental Midnight Tenor Gig Bag/Case

09-11-2018, 10:38 AM

Hey all!

Recently bought this bag, and it's just a little more than I need in terms of rugged protection. Like I trust my uke in this almost as much as I do in its hard case, which is great... but I don't need two different carriers which serve essentially the same purpose.

Used it once, everything works great. Beautiful plush, blue velvet interior (like I would NAP in there if I could fit), super-sturdy design and black exterior, 2 separate quick-stash areas and a nice spacious main pocket. Hideaway backpack straps. Ultra-secure neck brace system and reinforced areas over bridge and headstock. Brand new, along with the hang-tags and sticker lol.

Would sell it for $99 shipped (to CONUS, using PayPal) or would TRADE straight up for a MONO M80 Tenor bag, which, while maybe less robust & comfy compared to this bag, is also not quite so redundant for me.