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09-16-2018, 03:42 PM
Very nice sounding Giannini, almost as nice sounding as my Kanilea spruce top baritone

Southcoast strings. Dirk of Southcoast was a big fans of Giannini. With soft shell case

$300 plus shipping and insurance

Will send pictures to those interested

See update below and here is a link of me playing the one with the Gotohs. Right now Glen Rose has the one with the original tuners. He has borrowed it while I was away in Honolulu. If you don’t know Glen Rose he’s a great jazz ukulele teacher, a great pianist and a good friend of mine. Check out his Jazzy Uke, great lessons


09-16-2018, 06:42 PM
What year is this build and is it solid wood or laminated?
I've read nothing but great things about both.

09-17-2018, 05:04 AM
I'd like to see pictures. Thank you.

09-17-2018, 05:21 AM
These are great players. I know one guy who is pretty much a dedicated baritone player. While he has some vintage Martins and others, he says the Giannini is the best playing/sounding. Good luck with the sale

09-17-2018, 06:25 AM
Here’s a link to me playing the Giannini. I have two by the way. I’m keeping one, always. Just don’t have room for two, and need some dough. I believe it’s solid mahogany made in Brazil. Year? I don’t know. When I bought my first Giannini, I got it at Dan’s guitars in Honolulu. It was sitting next to a used Kamaka baritone. I couldn’t believe that it sounded much better than the Kamaka. Dan said he was amazed too. He knew nothing about Gianninis.


By the way, my Kanilea didn’t really open up until I found the right strings to bring out the sound. Strings make big differences.

09-17-2018, 10:38 AM
I had a laminate one and regret getting rid of it :(

Bill Sheehan
09-18-2018, 05:04 PM
This is the brand preferred by Jose Feliciano back in the seventies!

09-19-2018, 02:37 PM

I have two Gianninis, one with Gotoh tuners and one with the original tuners. I wish to keep one of the two. They both are in very good condition and sound the same. Gotohs $300. Original tuners $250 plus shipping and insurance.

The one with Gotohs is here in Honolulu. I leave for the SF Bay Area tomorrow, 9/18. The one with the original tuners is in SF. I won’t be back in Honolulu until 10/28.

So, you understand what is available. If you want to keep the original tuners that work fine you save $50, or you can wait until I get back to Honolulu at the end of October. If you’re in a hurry grab the one with the original tuners.

In terms of what the wood is, please do your own research. They were all the same and I believe they’re solid mahogany but maybe it’s a laminate. I’m not sure. The blasted baritone sounds great.

09-19-2018, 05:41 PM
Pm sent. Thanks.

09-19-2018, 11:58 PM
I own one of these, it is all laminate and it sounds great. Most people have no idea it is laminate because the sound is so wonderful. There are two ways to tell if it is laminate. Look through the sound hole at the inside surface of the back now look at the outside surface of the back. If the grain pattern is not the same its laminate. Because these don't have bindings look at the edge of the top, if you see three thin layers or lines it's laminate.

09-20-2018, 06:22 AM
Thank you, Dave. You know much better than I do. I’ll take a look at the Gianninis I have for sale. I believe Giannini only made one kind of baritone so they’re probably all laminate. What it boils down to is that you get a really nice sound and obviously these ukes hold up very well over the years. They’re not super light like $1500+ ukes but they sound pretty close.

I want to keep one of my two at least for now. I do have a $1500 Kanilea baritone that is a little better. I, however, am offering some very fine baritones for $300 and less. As they become more well known, they’re getting harder to find. Dirk, RIP, of Southcoast called them the holy grail of ukes. Someone years ago had found one for $25 or so and had asked him what he thought. Yeah, there’s probably a Kamaka sitting in some shed that someone is going to put out for a garage sale. $50 or best offer. Yeah, I think it’s called a big ukulele. Might come from Hawaii. Probably made of coconut wood.

I guess if they’re laminate they sound good as you say and if they’re solid mahogany they also sound good. If someone opts for the one with the original very functioning tuners I can ship from California. But if you want the one with Gotohs, installed by Kilin Reece, you’ll have to wait until I get back to Honolulu October 28.