View Full Version : Vintage Martin sops

09-20-2018, 06:56 AM
I was reading a thread somewhere, where the OP said he preferred a vintage Style 3M over the lower vintage Martin mahogany models, saying that the Style 3 had a “darker” sound.

In my own experience, I’ve compared a 40s Style 0 with an early 60’s Style 2 side-by-side, both with M600 strings. I find the Style 0 more crisp, while the Style 2 is richer, and more mellow, both equally loud with good bark, but the Style 2 just seems to have more mids, which could be considered darker. I know each individual uke can be different, but these vintage Martins are all mahogany, with the same construction, except for appointments and an ebony board on a Style 3, and maybe better quality wood as you go up the line. What say you on significant differences in sound, if any, on the various vintage Martin soprano models?