View Full Version : More floppy or less floppy?

Jan D
09-29-2018, 05:59 PM
I would appreciate feedback from those who can help with the following query. The scenario: Two identical non-wound low G strings, (both fluorocarbon, same brand, same diameter). If one string is on a tenor scale uke and the other string is on a concert scale uke, which one will be (or feel) more floppy?
Thanks for your help!

09-29-2018, 06:27 PM
IF you keep the string constant, and the pitch the same, then a shorter scale length will always give lower string tension. In the guitar world for example the difference in string tension between a 24" and a 25" scale acoustic guitar is enough that folks will often move up one notch in string gauge as they go down in scale length (from say 12s to 13s). In the Uke world we don't seem to talk about string gauge, so all this seems a lot more difficult to take into consideration when buying strings.

Jim Hanks
09-30-2018, 02:53 AM
Also, this can be an opportunity to try different tunings. For example, if you like the tension of your strings on concert, put them on tenor and tune down a whole step. You’ll get the same tension but lower tuning.

Jan D
09-30-2018, 12:16 PM
Thanks for your responses. The strings in question are a Living Waters Tenor Low G set. I recently had them put on my Ohana TK-35CG to replace the existing Aquila Nylguts, and wow! they really improved the sound of the uke. I love the feel of these strings, as well as their clarity, balance, and sustain. I was looking for strings that would make the uke a better finger-picking experience, and the Living Waters definitely did the trick. However, I will ultimately be replacing my tenor with a concert scale ukulele (more comfortable for my arthritic hands), and wondered how well the Low G in the Living Waters Concert set would work, given that it is the exact same diameter as the Low G in the Tenor set. It's not overly loose on the tenor, but - as you have confirmed - it will be looser on a concert uke. Which makes me wonder if I should consider putting something like a Fremont Soloist Low G on the concert uke instead. I'm not partial to wound strings, but it might be a better choice, tension wise. If anyone out there has a Living Water Low G fluorocarbon on their concert scale ukulele, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter.


P.S. Jim, thanks for your suggestion re a different tuning. However, I am playing with an ensemble and would rather not use a capo. :-)