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11-07-2018, 05:19 PM
This is my first foray into selling on these forums, Iíve made a couple purchases here including these two instruments. My interest and playing has been growing rapidly over the previous few months, and I recently made the decision to really commit myself to the ukulele. Part of that decision was going with advice I read multiple times: to purchase an instrument that exceeds my ability. I have upgraded to a K brand and, while these two have served me very well, Iím not one to accumulate items. As a result, I am selling the two concert scale ukuleles below. Prices include shipping to the CONUS via USPS. Payment accepted via PayPal; Goods and Services. PM with questions or to purchase.

SOLD! Mainland Mango: Concert scale constructed of solid Mango (top, sides and back) in 2013 and in excellent condition. Rosewood fretboard and bridge with a real bone nut and saddle. Living Water Clear strings. I am the 2nd owner. Originally purchased directly from Mainland as a cosmetic 2nd. There are some finish spots on the inside of the sound hole and a small gap on part the binding around the one of the corners of the headstock-although it appears to be sealed as I canít feel it (see pictures). No current issues or cracking and no known previous repairs. Stored in tweed hardshell case (included) in non smoking home. $187.50. SOLD!

Hi res photos: https://ibb.co/hE943V https://ibb.co/i5i68A https://ibb.co/hvM4vq https://ibb.co/etF8MV https://ibb.co/m9HBaq https://ibb.co/kh6hgV https://ibb.co/fLWF1V https://ibb.co/mA868A https://ibb.co/bFMHOV https://ibb.co/epqcOV https://ibb.co/daqoVA

SOLD! Kala ACP-CTG: This is a concert scale with a solid cedar top and acacia laminate sides and back. Reddish Padauk rosette and binding on the top, back and fingerboard. This was Kalaís first slot head concert and includes authentic Grover tuners. Built in May 2015, this model has a rosewood bridge and fretboard while the newer models use walnut for the bridge/fretboard and use Kala brand tuners. I am the 3rd owner, and the original purchase location/date is unknown. It appears the instrument has been setup as the action is lower than other Kalas I have played, but I cannot confirm this. No known repairs, or current issues.

This instrument is in excellent condition and lives up to the outstanding reviews it has received. It plays and sounds better than it looks. Stored inside of black hardshell case (included) shown in pictures in non smoking home. $187.50 OBO. SOLD!

Hi res photos: https://ibb.co/mR4qAA https://ibb.co/jWJpTA https://ibb.co/iW251V https://ibb.co/g3CioA https://ibb.co/f9Gb8A https://ibb.co/gEcBaq https://ibb.co/ijyTMV https://ibb.co/kjDiVA

See the link below for a sound sample and full description/details.


11-09-2018, 04:44 PM
Those are great deals on nice ukes! Someone please buy that Mainland and take away the temptation!

11-10-2018, 07:32 AM
Same! I’m tempted too

Those are great deals on nice ukes! Someone please buy that Mainland and take away the temptation!

11-14-2018, 05:13 PM
Those are great deals on nice ukes! Someone please buy that Mainland and take away the temptation!

Same! I’m tempted too

The temptation has been taken away - the Mainland has been sold.

The awesome Kala is still available.