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11-19-2018, 01:31 PM
Of all the ukes we own this one has the sweetest tone (we've owned 22 different uke brands). Don't know how else to describe it. Not bombastic. Not strident in the least. Not boomy. Just "sweet" and even, "tender and warm". Curled up on my lap in a sofa chair it almost brings tears to my eyes periodically.

BUT, we have waaaay too much debt and my side of the guitar/uke aisle is much fuller than my wife's and something of mine has to go. Since we have 7 tenors in the fold, this one is on the block. I'm SURE I will regret it but (know...) there will another Kanilea out there when I can afford it.

Select Koa body, Rosewood fretboard and bridge, Satin finish (brings out the full bodied sound), abalone fret markers, nice low action. Excellent condition. No issues. Uke Crazy case.

$695 (30% off HMS new price), plus shipping. PayPal Protected

Email is best: teach@makewebs.com




Mistake in price - couldn't fix it so closed first ad. Sorry for any confusion.

11-20-2018, 07:58 AM
Just a heads-up: Two in line for the K-1. None has committed yet. Response to questions asked:

What is the manufacture date?
A: No idea. I bought it used from a rich guy in NY who owned a TV station. He had had it for a "few years." I paid $750 plus shipping from NY which was spendy.

When and Where did you purchase?
A: Bought it a year ago from original owner.

Was any setup work done when purchased(if known)?
A: Guy bought it from HMS and they always set them up really well. Even work on frets. Great action. I demand it or make it so. On this one I just changed strings.

Any repairs or items needing repairs?
A: Absolutely none.

Any major/non cosmetic damage?
A: Nope. Just a nice used Kanilea. Aged wood, you can tell but no dents, scratches, bows, no lifting bridge, etc.

Has it been stored around cigarette smoke?
A: We don't smoke and it has never been out of our house while I've had it. Don't know about previous owner but I am pretty sensitive to cigarette smoke and never noticed any issue.

It isn't as loud as my KoAloha tenor (I need loud - weak hearing - age 70). BUT, It is sooooo much sweeter to listen to. KoAloha is more crass, like made for strumming. I usually fingerstyle and this one is so much sweeter. We really don't have anything that is like that. All good ukes and I just bought a very loud aNueNue and have to pay for it - i.e., reduce credit card debt. But it is not as sweet and warm, honey sounding like this uke. It took pressure from my wife to sell it. We just have too much debt.

I usually tune tenors down 1/2 step. Most of them sound better to me. Currently that is where this one is.

There's only two instruments I've sold (out of 58 purchased, almost 30 sold - yep, a passion: guitars and ukes) that I miss. One was a Furch guitar. The other will be this Kanilea. I don't know what other Kanilea's sound like but this one is just warm honey. I do not want to sell her. But...

11-20-2018, 04:45 PM
Good luck with your sale. Just an FYI, the manufacture date is on the tag in the soundhole. The first numbers, for example... 1018 would be October 2018.

11-21-2018, 08:35 AM
SOLD - Three people in line. One of two instruments of 58 I will ever miss.