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Pete Howlett
12-14-2018, 08:08 PM
I've shut the workshop for the year to spend a short 3 weeks with my family. To keep my Facebook group still interested and because I don't sleep etc, etc I am publishing some daily essays. Here's the first for those who want to know what an idle builder does when he is not at the bench:

Vacation thoughts:
Already can't sleep beyond 4 hours so I thought I'd keep you all engaged by some essays while I am away from the bench, mainly about what I have learned this year.
Mental Health:
I have learned that having students and sharing my learning is really slowing down the progress of my PD. I have real purpose when others are in the workshop and because everything 'has to go right' spend a lot of energy creating a positive vibe at Capel Salem. This helps me manage the continual low level and irritating back pain and enables me to complete long days as course-days often are. I arrive home pretty much a physical wreck but have had lots of good thoughts throughout the day and that is important for anyone - physically challenged or perfectly healthy.
I have tried to think of new ways of working and diversifying into make use of Boris when he is idle. This has had a great effect on the way I think and constantly remain stimulated and excited enough to put on my apron and get going. Yes I am deliberately making the slow move away from 'producing' a ton of pieces, and due to having more time, thinking more about what I do and why I do it. Curiously, most things still remain fresh and besides, I like remaking jigs and tools and improving designs.
I guess the third point and perhaps the most important one is I am less angry with the circumstances I find myself in. A year ago I was still writing very angry poetry as a way of defining where I was heading. I don't do that any more and am better placed to accept what will inevitably come. But I still have concerns and am booking to see first my doctor then my consultant to discuss a few things...
It's Saturday and I am excited to see my daughter who I have not seen for a year. As usual I will end with a spiritual thought and an encouragement for you, if you haven't been recently, to attend your 'church' and worship there tomorrow. It is a season most apt for giving. Everyone of your neighbours will have unspoken and untold challenges that can be eased by your careful thoughts and kindnesses. Give yourself the best Christmas present ever and go out and help someone. See you Monday for my second essay - 25 years and still innovating!

12-14-2018, 11:51 PM
Pete, thank you so much for sharing, that hit home and meant alot to me. A saying I have held close for many years, "If you want to forget your troubles go out and held someone else"