View Full Version : Grizzlies 10 inch drum sander?

12-27-2018, 04:08 AM
Grizzlies 10 inch drum sander is on sale for $618 shipped. The problem is it only sands down to a 1/4". I guess I could use a backing board when I needed to sand something thinner but that seems like a hassle.
Any drum sander I should be looking at. Yes, the cost is a consideration. :)

Thank you

http://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-10-Drum-Sander/G0716?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjZLhBRCAARIsAFHWpbHBF290npsWK0 iIlBKoDPUpM-hbiJXQ1xzu8aVAVSmYiJrICMoERDIaAvuoEALw_wcB#

12-27-2018, 04:42 AM
It seems to be limited to 10" width as it's not open-ended like the Jet sanders. This is ok if you're going to make ukes only, but if you go on to make larger ukes like baritones and guitars, then you'll need a machine that will take ,say, 15" top. An open-ended machine will allow you to flip it and sand both sides, even if it is only a 10" drum. Worth a thought. Mike

cathouse willy
12-28-2018, 06:45 AM
Have a look at the Shopfox 12 in drum sander. I recently bought one and I like it so far.Like the grizzly it's not open ended and I need to use a sled to reliably sand less than 1/8".

12-28-2018, 06:52 AM
I have a Grizzly 10" drum sander and I just don't care for it. The Jet sanders are far better, a little more expensive but well worth the difference.
My Grizzly is for sale, LOL

12-28-2018, 11:00 AM
I got a Grizzly 12 inch drum sander secondhand from a local guy for a great price. I do used a backing board when I thin my sides, backs, and tops. If you don't plan doing 12+ inch wide boards in the near future, it's a good tool to have.


cathouse willy
12-28-2018, 11:14 AM
That's the very same sander I have, mine is branded Shopfox.The hook and loop drum makes paper changes a bit easier.Like you I use a sled for the thin pieces.