View Full Version : Review of the Klos Tenor

01-27-2019, 04:00 AM
Baz has a review of the Klos tenor. let's see if I can post the link.


The "Cons" don't bother me, and mine doesn't have a pickup. If I were to order one again, I would get the Ratio tuners. Someone in our group has them, and they look very nice.

01-27-2019, 12:53 PM
Congrats on your Klos tenor.
Baz did a nice review, almost makes me want one.
What's next, Jerry?

01-27-2019, 02:03 PM
I love the tuners. But, since i rarely adjust anymore. I forget about them. Still loving my KLOS.

BTW, I have the deluxe which comes with the nice tuners.

01-28-2019, 01:11 AM
What's next, Jerry?

I have one arriving tomorrow, but then I start selling. Storing and finding and humidifying fifty-four ukuleles is a chore! When I get around to taking some pictures, I'll start reducing my collection.