View Full Version : Large Tenor or Baritone Recommendations ($1,000 or less) ?

01-29-2019, 10:52 AM
I'd like to buy either a large tenor (thinking about the Mahogany Grand Tenor from Romero Creations) or maybe a baritone. However, most of the baritones I've watched videos of (haven't played many myself) sound too loose and muddy for me. Often they sound like the string tension is too low.

I want something with a more classical guitar-like sound (low G). The Grand Tenor sounds like just what I'm looking for, but that's about $700, so I don't want to overlook something else in that price range that might be good, and would prefer a baritone size if there's one that sounds good.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!


Jim Hanks
01-29-2019, 11:27 AM
You can get strings for Bb or C tuning on baritone. Sounds like you might want a spruce top baritone with such a string set.

Croaky Keith
01-29-2019, 11:51 AM
I like my cedar topped Kala bari, but I have it with Living Water fluorocarbon strings, as I prefer a more mellow tone, might be worth you taking a look at. :)

01-30-2019, 08:31 AM
Thanks both of you for the replies. I hadn't thought about getting a bari and using a different tuning that might sound more to my liking...good idea. I know strings in general can really affect the sound you get. I've not tried Living Water strings.


01-30-2019, 08:42 AM
I play a Pono spruce top baritone. It sounds deep but not as muddy as some other baritones I’ve heard. Been selling ukes so I can possibly get one of Aaron Keim’s beansprout Baritones like this one:


01-31-2019, 03:07 AM
I have the same uke and strings that Croaky Keith has and really enjoy playing it. I may change out the stings and try some wound basses again soon.
BTW, that Beansproat Baritone sounds great. Both bright and full. If I win the lotto I’ll be giving Aaron a call.

01-31-2019, 05:33 PM
Yeah, I really like Aaron's baritones. I've not played one, but I've watched most of his videos. A little out of my price range for now. I should probably just be patient and save up for one of his.


02-07-2019, 12:53 PM
Romero also makes the Grand Tenor in a solid top/lam B&S version, for about $375.00.