View Full Version : FOR SALE! Kanilea K1-C Concert Electric Ukulele With Case and Accessories

02-05-2019, 09:02 PM

£950 - Will accept offers

Brought this ukulele 3 years ago from The ukulele Site in Hawaii and only played 3-4 times. It is in amazing condition and is like new. It has an inbuilt electric pickup. Comes with hard case, humidifier, fender cleaning cloth and a strap. The ukulele also comes with a card that has ukulele number and life time warranty on.

Will be sent next day delivery £10 and will need to be signed for or buyer can collect.

Any questions please ask. If you would like more pictures please message me.

02-05-2019, 09:04 PM
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02-05-2019, 10:24 PM
I’m confused. The price posted at HMS is $850. 950 in pounds equals $1230. What am I missing?

02-06-2019, 03:37 AM
[QUOTE=mgsondance;2128650]Iím confused. The price posted at HMS is $850. 950 in pounds equals $1230. What am I missing?[/QUOT

They are available in the UK brand new but without a pickup for £977 :D

02-06-2019, 04:33 AM
Just so folks are clear- Kanile'a has changed their TRU interior bracing for 2019 and going forward. The new pricing for concert ukulele with the new bracing- they also have an ebony fret-board and bridge standard, rather than rosewood, seems to be about $1,100 at HMS. I believe they are also coming with upgraded cases.

The less expensive ones on HMS and elsewhere are likely all the older models, with the Kanile'a classic TRU bracing, rosewood, and the Ukecrazy type case. I know because I grabbed one from HMS in natural finish to compliment my 10 year-old soprano. When you add a pick-up and the VAT the UK prices will be quite a bit higher. Plus, the OP said they would entertain offers.

So, if you want the classic TRU bracing it would be a good time to act. As an aside, for any ukulele to stay with me as long as my Kanile'a has is a true testament to the quality.