View Full Version : 8 string baritone with cuatro tuning?

02-08-2019, 05:12 PM
Hi all! I recently purchased a set of Living Waters cuatro strings for my Córdoba 20BM baritone ukulele. Simply put, these strings are fantastic! I’m still in “exploration mode” in regards to the nuances of this tuning - and ukulele playing in general.

However, these strings got me thinking...has anyone ever tried tuning an 8 string baritone or tenor ukulele as an 8 string cuatro? Octave 1st and 4th strings, unison 2nd and 3rd stings (gG CC EE aA)? I do not currently own an 8 string ukulele to try this idea out myself. If anyone has tried this out themselves and can share their impressions, I’d be grateful!