View Full Version : Site problems again?

02-12-2019, 12:19 PM
Just spent time writing a long response to someone in a thread with no links or anything and got bounced out as maybe being a spammer.

Before I try this again, anyone else having same problem?


02-12-2019, 12:32 PM
Just tried it again to the same person and got the same error. It thinks my email is an evil spammer.

02-12-2019, 12:34 PM
So when you type a long message on any bulletin board, you have no idea how much time you are taking unless you work with a stop watch. You can't keep the window open for a long time and hope that the site is still awake or does not need to refresh.
If you want to type a long message, use a text editor and cut and paste it into the comments, or copy it to the device before trying to send it. Then if the site has moved on while you were typing, you just re-open the comment page and paste in the comment and send it.
Although I do end up sending long messages, I try to avoid doing it. Put in some work to make your posts three paragraphs or less. Like a bulletin board Haiku style.

Thanks. It was actually shorter than the reply from you. I'll try your C&P for notes though.

02-12-2019, 08:20 PM
I had that problem again a few days ago, so I've been careful when I post web sites and such, to go to the Advanced window, then post, which always works. It's a bad idea to list your email address on a public site, easily grabbed by spam spiders.

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