View Full Version : For Sale - Super Tenor Ukulele

Pete Howlett
02-23-2019, 12:01 PM
Sale price 1695 plus shipping.

This instrument is my flagship hybrid super tenor/baritone depending on string configuration' - today ` have strung it with Worth Browns 1st, 2nd and fourth re-entrant with the C a 24w D'Addario so it is 'dressed' today as a super tenor. I have a baritone string set nut for it too...

As you'd expect, with the longer string length (18.75"/475mm) this has a powerful projection (helped along by a side port) and carries the Howlett signature tone, projection, volume (11 on the dial) and intonation. I have used some stunning star crotch figure English walnut (less 'purple' and more 'brown' than the Californian variety that I also have) for the back and sides and paired this with Austrian Alpine moon spruce for the front. Mahogany neck and Mgurure (leadwood) fingerboard and pin bridge with Snowdon headstock logo in mother of pearl and 7th fret owl inlay in white MOP, gold Mop, black MOP and pink sea snail. Side port for enhanced player experience and antique gloss finish (sunk a little as would happen to an instrument com owlet 8 months ago).

These are now priced 1900 but since this has been on the test bench checking finish and fretboard shrinkage by exposing the instrument to 28% RH and 85 degree F in the spray room out of case. All is well and the instrument has 'antiqued' nicely with no fingerboard shrinkage.

PM me for shipping costs and please note: if you are importing this instrument from there UK you may have to pay an import duty - this is often equivalent in the US to your 'sales tax' or in countries not in the EU you VAT. Please don't beat me up about this as I have no control over it.The good thing is that Japan is usually 'duty free' for musical instruments - such civilised country :