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03-12-2019, 04:32 AM
Selling the Duke 10 I bought that is just too big for my hands. I can't handle a tenor. Bought it because I thought as I learned to play I could stretch my hands on my concert uke to play it, but that hasn't happened. Concert's as far as I'm going.

My loss is your gain. It's been sitting in it's box, so it's time to let it go. All tuners and the gig bag obviously there.

I built myself one with a concert neck that actually plays pretty well. Yippee!

$300, I pay shipping and Paypal fee.

Hope someone will give it a good home.

Oops just realized I forgot pictures. I can give it a new mug shot photo if someone wants iteant to post last month and didn't get around to it

03-14-2019, 12:23 PM
Captain Janeway,
I sold my Duke too. I just couldn't abide the reach on the tenor scale neck. I'm shopping for a concert scale replacement.

03-14-2019, 01:03 PM
Captain Janeway,
I sold my Duke too. I just couldn't abide the reach on the tenor scale neck. I'm shopping for a concert scale replacement.

Did you try the Little Gem? You have to like color but it is concert sized. The other option's Firefly. I like the one I built. Good luck!

Hope someone wants to give this one a good home.

03-14-2019, 01:06 PM
Yes, I did. It was a little too clangy.
Yours should sell quickly, I didn't even have to advertise mine.

03-14-2019, 07:59 PM
Gold tone has a nice concert banjolele. 8" pot.

Tempted by your Duke. It looks awesome. I see it has a pickup and armrest. But not ready to take on a banjolele while still learning the basics of playing my tenors.

Should go quickly.

03-16-2019, 03:36 AM
the little gem is better....than the goldtone regular wood banjoelel. in my opinion, or the firefly, had them both, played both, sound better, ..trick is you have to switch strings to diaddario rectified black concerts.....changes voice greatlly and playability and is sound is best with an open back.....( remove the resonator back) I now use the little gem in our public performances with my uke group. People like it too, get a lot of compliments and interest after the show. The duke 10 however is very nice if you like bigger fret spacing...had one of those, liked it a lot, tuned it in a low g, probably should have kept it in hind sight...Duke 10 really shines in clawhammer, a lot of space to available for clawhammer frailing.

03-19-2019, 12:31 PM
bump. Still for sale

04-03-2019, 10:48 AM
bump. Reduced to $275.

04-03-2019, 11:42 AM
PM Sent. I have one, and I have a few friends who have expressed interest. This price is great. Looking at it, I see it appears to have the pick-up installed as well.

04-04-2019, 12:53 PM
Sold! Thanks.