View Full Version : TRADE UK: Mint Mya-Moe tenor for Collings Concert

Pete F
04-02-2019, 10:19 PM
A huge long shot I agree: I have a near mint (just minor fretboard wear) Mya Moe Tenor; one piece Koa with bloodwood bindings and custom head plate. Never has this instrument been out of my home, and is truly as near to the condition it left Mya Moe except for some fretboard play-wear. I'm quite fussy with my ukes!

Anyway, I don't need to sell (so no offers please) and I do enjoy the instrument. I find I play better on a concert scale, and I have a Collings Koa UC1. I'm looking for specifically a soft wood top Collings UC.. whatever - Spruce ideally, but I know a few were also made in Cedar - consider that too. I like nice condition, so no beat up ukes please, and cash either way if necessary - like if you have a UC41 or something special we can come to an arrangement.

I'm based in the UK which will throw even more obstacles in the way of this working, but 'you never know' I could even buy your instrument and sell mine another time, but it'll have to be something that floats my boat. Collings Concert only.


Oh, the serial of my Mya Moe is 2098 if you want to see the build process on the Mya Moe tracker. I'll try and provide a link in a further post - images of the instrument as it is right now, if things look promising.


04-03-2019, 04:29 AM
A long shot indeed but worth a try. Lovely looking Mya Moe, wish I could oblige.