View Full Version : Ovation UAE 148-M Tenor Mahogany Acoustic/Electric Ukulele + Case (Rare/Discontinued)

King David
04-09-2019, 12:13 PM
Disclaimer: This is not a general uke discussion. This post is in Marketplace (the subforum reads "Looking to buy or sell an ukulele?"). The rules state "The Marketplace is for:
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So this post serves only as a place for those interested in buying this particular instrument. Please reserve your criticism and comments on this uke (we've all heard them) and if you are not actually interested in purchasing then please, DON'T POST!

[SIZE=3][FONT=Verdana]Up for sale is an Ovation 148-M tenor ukulele with mahogany top (laminate), OP-24+ pickups, and a canvas case. I came into possession of two of these at once so letting one go. It is in good condition with minor wear (some slight surface scratches here and there) for its age and being out - there is also some yellowing to the white binding. Little wear on the right flower from the nail smoothing out the bevel of the raised wood overtime from picking (plays smooth). Few light nicks in the back of the neck. The pickups were recently examined & cleaned up, in perfect working order.

The 9v powered OP-24+ pickups in my opinion blow the Mi-Si & Baggs Five.O pickups out of the water. They have enough gain/quality to truly be plug and play. From a performance standpoint - there is absolutely no substitute for having a volume, bass, mid, treble, mid-shift, and even pre-shape buttons at your fingertips when the sound guy doesn't even know what an 'ukulele is.

Typical black canvas style case included. SOLD ON VERB - THANKS

King David
04-09-2019, 12:15 PM
Reserved for more pics, plus when I get home I will add the silly optional "UU timestamp picture" that anyone could counterfeit in a photo editor.