View Full Version : Tenor strings on a concert uke

04-23-2019, 05:01 AM
Was always curious about using tenor strings on a concert, so gave it a try, after reading a bunch of threads here on the subject. I tried a set of Martin M620 tenor strings, on a Kiwaya KTC-1 concert uke. Looking at the gauge differences between the soprano/concert M600 and tenor M620 sets, I found the following:

G string: M620 tenor string is 14% thicker than M600 soprano
C string: tenor and soprano strings are the same at .034
E string: M620 tenor string is 13% thicker than M600 soprano
A string: M620 tenor string is 15% thicker than M600 soprano

Sound: Same great flouro sound, but I find the tenor set is overall louder. The C string seems more balanced, not boomy at all, which makes sense, since the C is smaller within the M620 set, when compared to the M600 soprano/concert set. We'll see as I play it more whether I'll miss the stronger sound of the M600 set's C string, but it sounds good so far.

Feel: the tenor strings feel slightly thicker, but nothing dramatic, and I don't feel a big difference in tension.

I found it interesting that the C string gauge is the same in both the tenor and soprano/concert sets. Not sure why that is, but I expect there's some science behind it.

04-23-2019, 05:17 AM
Glad it worked out for you. I have done the same and reversed that as well.....concert gauge on tenor. If you look at the Oasis florocarbon strings one set (a tenor gauge) is recommended to be used on soprano, concert and tenor by Oasis. I have actually done this with their strings with good results. Different instruments respond differently to different strings (did I use different enough there:p).

Not surprising the tenor set gave you more volume, higher tension will usually drive the top more. Thinner gauge strings usually give more resonance and sustain. Less tension so they ocsilate more and for a longer period.