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04-28-2019, 02:25 AM
I had great success selling a couple nice ukes last week and yes my Blackbird Farallon is on it's way and I'm excited!

I see Ukulele Eddie is selling his Martin here and it got me to thinking I have some really nice guitars sitting in cases because I'm playing about 95% ukuleles these days, leaving 5% of my time spread between a bunch of nice guitars. Anyone out there still playing guitar (more than 5% :-)? I'm happy to add cash or receive cash to make the trade fair.

Down to just the RainSong carbon fiber guitar left, but I have a couple Larrivees (D-02 A/E & D-03) in the $700-800 range if anyone else wants to do some trading. Below are RainSong details, thanks ...

My other guitar that's not getting any play time is a RainSong WS1000 Grand Auditorium A/E. All carbon fiber, this was my "outside guitar" when the weather wasn't predictable. It's also in excellent condition and also comes in the same high end case Martin uses with a RainSong badge where the Martin badge is. This case has it's share of bumps and dings but inside is in great shape and the padding is purple which looks great with the black guitar. Looking for $1500 range trade here.

I have a great Martin D-18 in high end Martin case. $OLD!

Finally I have a Yamaha "Silent Guitar" SLG-100S. $OLD

Thanks for looking!
Posting RainSong photos here, will add the other behind this listing.

04-28-2019, 10:13 AM
Hey rhiggie...how old is the Martin, and what exact model is it? ..some had scalloped bracing etc. Also, where are you located? Anywhere near Philadelphia Pa?

04-28-2019, 12:47 PM
It's a 2017, I'm away from home (which is Raleigh, NC) until Tuesday. Will look inside when I get home. Thanks! Rick

04-30-2019, 10:19 AM
Sorry, someone grabbed the Martin before I could get you an answer. Thanks...

05-01-2019, 07:01 AM
Some additional photos

05-18-2019, 05:54 AM
Got a great trade for the RainSong. Win-win! Thanks all...