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05-01-2019, 03:29 PM
I thought this was rather funny. This link describes the process of going from vintage Grover friction tuners to new Waverly friction tuners on a Martin tenor, and why the Waverlys are better. Hmmm, no argument there, the Waverlys are well regarded. Then at the very end, the author provides a quick update, 6 months later, that they replaced the Waverlys with Gotoh UPTs. The author does not say why, but having used UPTs, I gotta assume they liked the UPTs much better. No surprise there.


05-01-2019, 04:43 PM
I think this is the follow up post for UPT installation

I also have UPT on my Martin S1 and it’s great.

05-01-2019, 06:55 PM
Years ago I found an Asian knockoff on eBay of the Vintage Champions He had to replace. If I had known his needs, I would have sold him the set I haven't used.
I am in process of using the Waverly reproduction of the Grovers 76, I'm using original Grover barrels and buttons with Waverly posts, springs, set screws and such. I won't have to drill or change anything on the head itself aside from some tweaking if necessary.
I have preference for the Pegheds when converting to planetary tuners on vintage instruments, They really look like classic wooden pegs.

05-01-2019, 07:12 PM
My Martin 1T IZ required the Gotoh UPT-L tuners. It has a 1/2" thick headstock.

I like them much better than the original PegHeds. But, I do agree that the PegHeds look very close to friction tuners and have pretty amazing engineering to make them as thin as they are.

05-02-2019, 01:05 AM
Thanks for those two links. Information is always good.

All tuner makers sell different quality tuners, but I don't know which is which. I just assume that more expensive is better. Friction tuners aren't my favorite, but once they are set up right, they're fine. My KoAlohas have their friction tuners, and they're fine.