View Full Version : Ooops

05-13-2019, 03:01 AM
So I got this awesome guitar tab that I thought I'd try for my guitarlele and I just couldn't get it to sound right. It sounded good in places but the bottom string always sounded way out of tune. Then I saw the magic letters at the top of the page DADGBE... Oh well, a few turns of the tuning knob fixed that problem.

05-13-2019, 05:12 AM
I am surprised by the many tunings that people come up with. I can’t remember using anything other than standard tuning. ADF#B or gCEA.

Sometimes you have to look all over the music to find the actual tuning.

05-13-2019, 05:42 AM
Ooops! You dropped "D" ball on that one!:rolleyes: