View Full Version : Concert strings on your tenor!

03-21-2008, 01:15 PM
I am always experimenting with things. I like the feel and "playability" of concert strings personally more than I like the feel of tenor strings. Also, concert strings seem to vibrate better because they are thinner in diameter.

Why not try them out on my tenors?

Verdict please...
1. To me they sound a little brighter and crisper.
2. Volume is the same.
3. Playability is better than tenors.
4. Hammer-ons and slides are more pronounced than what I could get out of my tenor strings.....and yes I was pressing super hard on them:)

Try it out and see what you all think.

**NOTE: I have compared Aquila tenors vs. Aquila concerts AND Koolau Gold tenors vs. concerts. Some brands simply cut a "longer" piece of nylon apparently, whereas Aquilas and Koolaus etc change the diam. of concerts vs. tenors..